Long and Nikki Wedding - May 2019-31

Nikki and Long (Phil) got married on May 4, 2019, at Kaluby's Banquet Ballroom.

Nikki and Long's wedding day was filled with family and friends regaling stories of how the couple met and what they were like growing up. This was such a sentimental wedding. Everyone in attendance was connected closely and shared so much love for the couple. 

Beautiful pinks and gold decorated the tables in the hall. Each detail seemed to flow into the next seamlessly, creating a picture of perfection for the couple. 

Kaluby's is a great place for parties and weddings, offering a full range of services from the venue, DJ, catering, and decor. If you are looking for an all in one wedding stop, look no further. We have worked with Kaluby's in the past and new this wedding would be wonderful! 

Nikki and Long's ceremony was heartfelt with the couple reading their own vows and sharing in the sand ceremony. 

After the ceremony, we stepped outside for formal and romantic photos while the room was flipped from ceremony to reception. Shortly after we finished romantic photos we got to introduce the new Mr. and Mrs.

The couple danced as man and wife before dinner was served (catered by Kalubys). 

Following dinner, the festivities began. Dancing, games, and bouquets- everything with a special intention. Nikki presented Long's mom the bouquet as a surprise to everyone. Long's parents never really had a wedding, the bouquet presentation was to recognize the perseverance of love in tough times. They shared in a fun shoe game with questions being read aloud by guests from each table. It was tryuly a sight to behold. Thank you for sharing your special moment, and cheers to many more to come!



PS. Planning to marry the love of your life? We want to capture your memories!

Long and Nikki Wedding - May 2019-943
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