Desire Boudoir - January 2019-42
Desire Boudoir - January 2019-131

Welcome Back! 

I met Desire through Krystal (see last blog). Desire was a bridesmaid at Krystal's wedding last year and we immediately started cracking jokes. She is the bold and brazen woman many of us wish we could be. 

As soon as I heard she was bringing her "fun bag" to the session, I knew we were in for an unforgettable time. Boy, was I right! As much as I LOVE Desire's images, I won't be sharing many of them as they were mostly topless and nude. Though she did give me permission :) 

All of my boudoir sessions are completely based upon each clients comfort level. With Desire we just jumped into the deep end! 

I 'm talking full nude with a skate board! She rocked it! I am always a little leary when it comes to incorporating new props into our sessions, but there is no challenge that I won't accept! Even with a skate board :) or tassles, or feathers, or hand cuffs..... I seriously doubt you can bring anything to surprise me anymore! 

Desire loved her photos so much that she asked me to shoot her wedding later this year! I can not wait to share her special day!

Desire Boudoir - January 2019-99
Desire Boudoir - January 2019-126

Thanks for hanging out and following our journey :)

Until next time Happy Snapping!



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