Anna Boudoir - May 2019-73

Anna came to me as a referral from a client I shot last year as a wedding gift. While Anna is already married, hubby had a birthday coming up that needed a special celebration. A boudoir session was just the ticket!

Side note: Seriously, word of mouth is a huge help to us small businesses! So if you have a great time shooting, spread the word :) 

Anna was a natural! As a former dancer many of the poses that are awkward for most ladies, weren't for her. That was an opportunity that I was super excited about because I could push certain angles and poses that I cant do at all sessions. Anna was a fantastic sport throughout the entire process! I am so pleased to say that her session is a major success!


PS. Need a special gift for a special someone? Want a pick me up? Celebrate your Goddess!

Anna Boudoir - May 2019-9
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