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Vanessa and Lee


The best moments have REAL emotion in them. We can give that to you.  ~ VB Photography

Why hello there!

Who are we? I am Vanessa (photographer) and he is Lee (videographer), it's nice of you to stop in.

We are that fun, silly couple who is building our life together. I am so excited to call him my fiance and soon to be hubby (5/31/19!!!!). Our journey has given us the amazing opportunity to not only create a home, but run a business making your dreams come true!

We are the couple who loves to joke and are always quick to a smile. Our laid back style and roll with the punches attitude soothes our wedding couples minds, and allows them to relax for the best photographs and videos possible. Our quirky sense of humor has broken through the stiffest exteriors and never fails to get that genuine smile :)

As the Photographer, I base my business on YOU. My passion, desire,and  drive are all tools I use to freeze moments and create your everlasting memories.  I want to spread love and empowerment to the world!

Lee's goal is to bring a tear to film, showcase a hidden smile, trap those emotional moments for years to come - That is his calling!

Every couple should feel breathless when they look at their wedding album and video.

Each boudoir client should leave their sessions feeling like they can take on the world.

Mothers and fathers should remember when their kids were small and into everything.

Pets should be immortalized since their time is so short with us.

Personalities should shine, legends should be told, moments should be recorded! This is why VB Photography is the only choice to tell your story.   

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