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Vanessa and Lee


Why hello there!

I am so lucky! With over 10 years of experience shooting boudoir, wedding, and portrait photography, I can still say "I love what I do"! I most certainly do love this passion! Everything about photography helps me capture beauty, change perspectives, and create life long memories for my clients- whether its capturing a moment with family or a magazine worthy model. My eye for detail and ease of comfort with my clients makes my service not only a necessity but also enjoyable.

I am Vanessa and he is Lee, it's nice of you to stop in.

As the Photographer, I base my business on YOU. My passion, my desire, my drive are all tools I use to capture moments and create an everlasting memory.

Growing up, photography was always something I enjoyed. Taking photos, waiting for the developed photos, and scrap booking them brought me so much joy. Eventually, I began to see the art behind the lens. My fun and creative personality put those around me at ease, allowing for some amazing results. It was then I knew I would always be a photographer at heart.

Bringing a tear to film, showcasing a hidden smile, empowering those around me - That is my calling! Every bride and groom should feel breathless when they look at their wedding album. Every boudoir client should leave their sessions feeling like they can take on the world. Mothers and fathers should remember when their kids were small and into everything. Pets should be immortalized since their time is so short with us. Personalities should shine, stories should be told, moments should be recorded. 

Boudoir photography is my favorite specialization, and only I will be photographing these sessions. Portraiture and Models sessions will be captured by yours truly also. I enjoy all of my services, and will be delighted to work with you any time!

Weddings are a big deal and should be treated as such. Because of this I will be photographing with my partner - Lee. We want to make sure you do not miss a moment of your special day! In this case, four eyes are really better than two!

 We are happy with what we do, and that joy will show in your shots! My competitive edge starts with talent, I have an eye for photography- I've trained with a successful photographer (who I still have close contact with for those last minute questions). I've had three of my pictures published through two different companies. I only use the highest quality supplies to ensure your prints beauty and longevity.

I am located in Jacksonville, FL but travel world wide for Destination weddings. If you are in Florida, Georgia, or South Carolina and need your wedding photographed contact me to set up a meeting. Your satisfaction with my services will keep you coming back for years!

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